5 Stocks I'm holding in July 2019

Hello once again, it’s me, Jimmy, and this is the series no one fucking asked for, but here I am, still cramming them to your eyes… let’s start, shall we?

Last month, on God I was talking about how bad things got, and jokingly enough, in last months article (here’s last months articlebtwifanyoneasked) I was like “it’s funny how everything was going well, then May arrived.” Then June COMPLETELY blows our minds. Like… recall when I was CONSIDERING to buy something? Well, so much for that lmao.

How good was June exactly? Well, we have articles out the ass with headlines like

The S&P has it’s best June since 1955


The Dow just logged its best June return in 80 years

Just, phenomenal record breaking returns, and needless to say, I’m sorry if you missed out on any gains or own any companies that did not go up with the rest of the market.

Okie dokey, if you don’t want to wait for the beginning of the month to see this pointless series, just head over to my live portfolio WHICH, is always updated whenever I make any purchases or sells

Last month: June 2019

  • Cintas

  • Visa

  • Apple

  • American Express

  • Square


During “Lightning round” host Jim Cramer praised how well ran Cintas is. Enough said.

cintas since purchase.PNG


Visa, is the king of partnerships and acquisitions. Why? I mean, the amount of partners Visa has among other companies that both benefit their own business model and the partners business model is absurd. Take the recent agreement with Western Union, they will implement Visa Direct, a platform utilized to make cross-border/cross-currency faster, with an enhanced user experience, and transparency with transferring money.

Not convinced? The social media app, LINE, offers fintech services or LINE Pay. LINE users will be able to apply for a digital Visa card and in the near future, add any other existing Visa cards. Easily making payments from their mobile phone. Then further in the future, LINE users will have tailored loyalty programs and offers.

Still not convinced? Facebook is releasing their own cryptocurrency, and who is backing this up? Well, numerous company giants such as Uber, PayPal, Mastercard, and yes, Visa is one of them.

visa since purchase.PNG


Jony Ive, the designer of the iPhone left the company. It’s not a big deal as Wall St makes it seem as it is. They regurgitate the same look every year. Apple just changes the camera, it’s not too hard to find another designer for the iPhone.

Drive.ai, a self-driving start-up was seconds away from shutting the company down and lay off all of the workers. When Apple came in and bailed them out and acquired the company for $77 million. The few people who finalized the deal aren’t necessarily looking to purchase the technology, software, or hardware from Drive.ai, but more so to keep the employees and have them focus on their own efforts to car autonomy.

Drive.ai is not the only company that received a bailout from Apple. Japan Display, a smartphone screen manufacturer, was also bailed out. Japan Display was facing financial issues as Apple shifted away from the makers LCD screens. Furthermore, only one of Apples iPhones utilizes LCD screens, and sales for the iPhone have been weak year over year. Apple plans on paying Japan Display over time as they find ways to re stabilize their financial situation.

Apple since purchase.PNG

American Express

Nothing of interest is happening with Amex. Amex gold card is receiving extra perks. 4X points on restaurants, $120 annual credit for dining or for Boxed (Idk what Boxed is), and a referral promo for their Rose Gold card.

amex since purchase.PNG


Mhhhhh… there are rumors that Jimmy is planning to sell Square? We’ll see.

Anyway, Visa isn’t the only one that’s good with partnerships and acquisitions. Square also has a good track record. Squares POS system can now be integrated with Postmates and Doordash, eliminating the need for the restaurant to have two systems (one to process payments and the other to receive orders) and preventing users to type in manually their orders.

square since purchase.PNG


I want to buy companies that pay me for July (and literally any other month where my dividends are weak)



Up 29.7% YTD

tcd ytd.PNG

Portfolio versus S&P

As always, in comparison to the S&P, with me being the green.

tcd vs s&p.PNG

Portfolio since investing

We’re super close to hitting a 100% return since the inception of this portfolio. Fingers crossed we cross the milestone by the end of this month.