Stocks I'm buying January 2018

Happy New Year Y'all not much has changed since last months "Stocks I'm buying" post since I decided to spend much of my cash on going out and celebrating my birthday, rather than buying good ass companies. (Top notch advice from a personal finance/investing blog, The Compounding Dollar is hanging by a thread.) 

Last month

Last month (or last year, HA! I'm so funny) my top 4 positions were Cintas, Coke, Visa, and American Express respectively.

1. Cintas

Still, in number 1, is Cintas, Cintas reported quarterly earnings last month with a 26.4% revenue increase, an EPS increase of 0.17, and a dividend increase of 21.8% year-over-year. The stock price temporarily jumped up by 5% during after hours, but soon fell the following trading day. As long as the U.S continues producing jobs, Cintas will continue with such strong growth and revenues going into 2018. 


Cintas is up by 11% since we first purchased back in November.

2. Coke

Coca-Cola! Sugary beverages (and general consumer staples) have been struggling a bit, underperforming the S&P last year, some have managed to stay afloat. Soft drink companies are under even heavier fire as a lot of people are finding healthier alternatives. Irial Finan is said to step down from Coke's VP position after 3 decades working for Coke. He is being replaced with Calin Dragan, a director of Bottling Investment Group. Coke plans to announce fiscal 2017 results next month. 

The stock price for Coke has been in a bit of a rut. Unable to break out from its 52 week high. Coke is down by 0.50% since we first purchased back in September.

3. Visa

Nothing important has happened to Visa, Jim McCarthy, a then innovation chief for Visa, was fired for having affairs with two women in his division. Scandalous. Visa reports fiscal 2017 results come next month. 

Visa is up 13% since I purchased back in September.

4. Square

Square, welcome back. It knocked off American Express since recently Square fell an almost 30% from its 52 week high of $50 back to $35, so we purchased more shares. It paid off since I purchased where it has recently bottomed. It was pulled back due to an analyst changing its perspective/view on Square. Nothing important is happening with Square, aside it venturing into using Bitcoin as payment. 


Square is up 50% since we first purchased back in September

Portfolio YTD

Portfolio is up 5% Year To Date