5 Stocks I'm holding in September 2019

August… how yucky, a lot of up and down and up and down, mostly down, but even still, it did not fall THAT badly where we screamed “bloody correction” but rather “bloody recession is coming” and “tariffs are killing us” but we’re like… fine.

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Y’all see what I mean? Like the month of August was FLAT. We only flipped when the two year yield and ten year yield inverted.

Last month: August 2019

  • Cintas

  • Visa

  • Apple

  • American Express

  • Starbucks


Visa takes back it’s place of being my biggest holding in my portfolio, Cintas had to be trimmed after exploding almost 8% intraday trading.

Nothing interesting to report in regards to Visa, aside that Visa won’t block gun purchases made on their card. Alfred Kelly, Visa’s CEO, was conflicted when asked if he would block gun purchases made on their card. He figured that he did not want to prevent such purchases because he would then question how Visa would later be conflicted within itself and ponder what purchases to allow or block. Dodged a bullet and said that this persisting issue is really up to lawmakers at the end of the day.


I thought this story was wholesome, so the director of marketing from Cintas was mentioning to thank your custodian when you come back to school, as they were working hard and diligently to tidy up the school before students and staff return.

In not so wholesome news, Cintas is ALLEGEDLY, key word right there, discriminating their employees and have to pay upfront $430,000 in back pay. Mainly revolving around compensation and hiring. A compliance program said it discriminated female production workers with their compensation, did not hire blacks and males for certain positions at their company, and prevented minorities to work in sales. So, Cintas has agreed to pay upfront $430,000 as well as promise to contract 205 female workers, have a third party audit them for the following 5 years.

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Apple released their doo doo credit card and honestly I want to write a completely separate article in regards to this credit card and as to why I won’t get it. Have you seen the intensive care/maintenance on the card? The damn thing can’t touch denim and leather. You know, the material that MAJORITY of wallets are made out of, denim, the thing that a lot of pants are made of, usually comes with pockets where you store your credit cards… anyway.

Tim Cook sat down with president Donaldo Trumpo to discuss about tariffs and how it could harm both Apple and US companies. Saving the stock market from pending doom and a recession for the millionth time, God bless Tim Apple.

Apple is finally getting serious in regards to streaming and creating their own original content. They felt the pressure from Disney + that they plan on launching Apple TV+ before them. Furthermore, they have committed to spend $6 billion towards creating their own new shoes.

SEC reported that Apple will donate $5 million towards restoring the Amazon rainforest… just a reminder that G7, countries with a collective GDP of almost $33 trillion, was going to donate $20 million, until Brazil rejected their offer, and Apple, a $950 billion dollar company, donated 25% of what G7 was going to contribute.

American Express

Nothing crazy in regards to Amex. They are going to be seen heavily during the US Open Tennis game, giving card members benefits during the match.

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Okay, you’re confused as to why Nike even has a spot in the top 5, (and quite frankly, so am I) and that’s mainly due to the fact that in terms of valuation, Starbucks and Nike are neck to neck, so at times, Nike might surpass Starbucks and vice versa. On the bright side, it will remotely make this series somewhat interesting.

Nike launches a subscription service only for kids between the ages of 2 - 10.



For the most part, my dividends for 2020 are looking higher than 2019, which I love. Let’s ignore the fact that I ever even earned dividends back in 2018…

Portfolio YTD

Up 32.47%, not bad not bad.

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Portfolio versus S&P

In the green is me, the S&P is blue as always.

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Portfolio since investing