5 stocks I’m holding in November

Okay… fuck... you know it’s bound to be an interesting article when we start off with “fuck” OKAY SO THIS WILL BE A BIT LENGTHY THAN USUAL. (that’s what she said) ANYWAY G The markets were dragged into correction territory, all gains Year To Date have all been wiped out from the S&P, the Dow, and NASDAQ. Meaning that the markets have returned precisely 0% returns YTD.

S&P correction.PNG

It’s so beautiful, ugh I can’t wait for that serious pull back where we go down 30% YTD. My portfolio isn’t looking too shabby either, but it’s GREAT. I’ve been itching for another pullback, especially since my holdings just SKYROCKETED during the summer like stupid. So, having the chance to purchase the same companies at a discounted price... it’s exciting and fun :).

performance in the summer.PNG

UFF LIKE THATS HOT CHIEF… THIS IS IT. But I can’t stroke my ego too much, it’s just short term gains, MEANINGLESS, call me once I have a decent track record of over 20 years. But it feels good (again, that’s what she said.) Unfortunately, majority of my holdings are up for the year, fortunately, Cintas, Square, and Monster are getting their prices beaten.

Cintas was hovering around a $217 per share price, it’s flirting around $172 as of this writing (same digits, different order.)

Cintas correction.PNG

Monster was an interesting story, it was at a high of $70 per share, than the February correction happened and it continued tumbling. Purchased in at roughly $56 per share in March thinking that it had bottomed (I was wrong) and it continued to fall to $48 per share, launched back to $62 and was flirting around that price for awhile, then this correction came along and pushed it back to $50 per share.

Square and I have had this love story since November of last year when I purchased at $40 per share (I know, I’m aroused as well) share price reached a high of $101 just to later fall at its $67 per share price. 

Square correction.PNG

Is Jimmy buying?

Short answer is yes, however, I might just keep it at purchasing Cintas. I love Monster and Square, the issue is, they don’t pay dividends. I’d like to have more dividends being paid out towards me, ever since we sold Coke, Extra Space Storage, and Waste Management, it just has not been the same in terms of the amount I receive in dividend income.

It was somewhere between May - June where my dividends were TRASH. My goal going into 2019 is for my dividends to be sturdy and as large (that’s what she said… I gotta stop) as they were before my dumbass sold Coke, EXR, and Waste Management.

(The article where I had my dividends)

(The article where I lost my dividends for being stupid)


Visa announced a partnership with Postmates, a courier company that delivers goods, it’s basically like USPS on your phone. Postmates carriers can cash out the same day they receive their payment rather than waiting 5 - 7 days. Postmates now utilizes Visa payment process security. All this smells like a win in Visa’s book since the logistics company is not only focused on delivering foods, but as well as; groceries, electronics, hygiene products, and the list goes on.

Visa redesign a video game with the help of the NFL. The video game helps kids learn about personal finance while playing football with their favorite NFL team.

Visa hiked their quarterly dividend to 0.25 per share. Up 19% from their 0.21 dividend per share.

Lastly, Visa reported annual earnings and their 4th quarter earnings.

Visa since day of purchase.PNG


Cintas has announced an annual dividend increase and has been increasing their dividend for 35 consecutive years. Their new dividend is $2.05 per share up 23% from $1.62 per share.

Cintas purchase date.PNG

American Express

American Express and PayPal team up and both apps are now interwoven with each other.

In other words, you can use your PayPal or Venmo funds to pay your AmEx card, use AmEx points to purchase items from the million merchants that accept PayPal, easily add your AmEx card onto the PayPal app, send money via the AmEx app, and many other features.

AmEx reported Q3 earnings and was in line/beat with Wall St’s estimates.

Amazon and American Express launched a card for small business owners. The card offers numerous benefits for the business, at no annual fee. Some benefits include; 5% back on Amazon purchases (including their web services, whole foods, Amazon business) for eligible prime members, 3% back for none prime members, 2% back at restaurants, telephone services, and gas, and 1% back on every purchase.

American Express since purchase.PNG


Okay, so the most important news story on Apple is that forecast for iPhone sales don’t look too well into the holiday season, and quite frankly, as an Apple shareholder I’ve heard this story a million times, the only thing I can say is that iPhone sales are flat or have remained stagnant. Apple still makes plenty of money off said sales however, while not meeting Wall St’s quota. However, it’s important to look at the average iPhone price, the price people are willing to pay for an iPhone, which we can’t deny has been increasing at a good pace since folks are willing to drop $1,100 on a new phone.

Quite frankly, I’m sick of this shit and so is Apple. It does not intend to report their iPhone sales. Which is great, since Wall St is anal about it, that it completely forgets about their services unit of Apple.

Apple share price YTD.PNG


Okay, so Square suddenly fell from my #1 biggest investment to #5 and it’s for numerous reasons. Such as selling a few shares during the February correction to purchase other companies and this recent correction beat the living daylight of their share price.

Sarah Friar, Square’s CFO, left the company. She was a huge asset to the company as she helped it go public back in 2015 and the everyday management as Jack Dorsey also has Twitter to look over. Sure enough, the share price gets slammed and experiences the worst one day drop.

Square is wanting to do more with Cash app or expand it’s features. Currently, it holds $200 million in balances and Square would love to somehow tap into those balances by providing more services and have Cash app used as a daily application. Prior to Friar leaving, she mentioned she had intended to use Cash app as a bank in the near future.

Square is silently focusing on their hardware aspect of their business. They recently introduced a new terminal that can accept every form of payment, accepts payments faster in comparison to other terminals, and print invoices. The thing I like about this company is that Square doesn’t need to make a dollar selling their hardware, they can sell it for a loss or no profit at all, but for every time a business utilizes their terminal, they make an easy 0.10 and 2.5% of the total.

Square will announce Q3 earnings come November 7th.

Square since purchase date.PNG


The monthly dividends for February, March, and May look strong for next year, by 2019 I want a dividend for each month and by 2020 have $10 + in monthly dividends.

New dividends.PNG

Portfolio YTD

We’re still up for the year, 11%… *sighs* just last month we were up 24%.

New portfolio YTD.PNG

Portfolio versus S&P YTD

Of course, if you’re the overall market, then it’s not looking too hot as of now. Buying opportunity everyone!