5 Stocks I'm holding in May

And the markets continue to climb and climb and climb, how bad will the fall be this time around? Fingers crossed that it isn’t too bad, honestly, I’m not making any purchases at all, the last few purchases were in December and that was when markets were hitting 52 week lows, since then, I haven’t even bothered putting my money in any company. Just hoarding cash if I’m being honest, I’ve stopped uploading my daily gains and losses on Snapchat and Instagram since it’s boring when I’m making money.

If you can’t wait to read my buys and sells by the end of the month, then check out my live portfolio. It gets updated whenever there is any purchase

As always, I showcase the performance of the stock since my day of purchase, recent news in the company, my dividends, and my performance year to date.

Last month: April 2019

We held these fine pieces of company previously

  1. Visa

  2. Cintas

  3. Apple

  4. American Express

  5. Monster Beverage. (sold out)


In Europe, Visa (and Mastercard) have proposed and have agreed to the terms set by the European union, they will slash their card fees from purchases made by tourists.

Visa beats earnings estimates. Good numbers year over year, guidance is being slashed and that growth should be on the lower end for Visa. In other words, their revenues should be slow.

visa since purchase part 2 lmao.PNG


Gangster, God I love this company so much. Cintas outperforms every other industrial stock by a landslide, and is under a 30 PE.

No new news on Cintas, it just reported earnings and sorta crushed them, I’m a bit wary on their debt-equity ratio, pero like, it’s fine, write offs am I right? Legal tax evasion, am I right?

Their report missed first quarter revenues and net income. Revenue came in at $1.68 billion, estimates of- fuck it, lemme place it in a spreadsheet.

cintas quarterly report.PNG

Okay, so, while they missed their estimates, big time, and their net income was somehow better last year, their CEO is changing their guidance and saying they’ll bring in revenues of $6.87 bn - $6.885 bn.

It still has great annual growth in terms of return on equity and assets, a return of 27% and 13% respectively. (In other words, the assets that Cintas has is working hard for their behalf.)

Cintas since day of purchase another another pic.PNG


No comment, how does an old fart like Microsoft surpass you in market capitalization? How do you go from giving me great returns to giving me trash? I’m so sad.

apple since purchase.PNG

American Express

So, some analyst over at UBS got his corn flakes pissed in, since they decided to downgrade American Express which is mad disrespectful. Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley and Atlantic Equities all have upgraded Amex.

In other news, Amex reported earnings, they reported mixed results, the main idea was that they were short on revenue estimates. However, Amex reported great numbers as more folks are utilizing their cards as they boost their rewards programs.


Square, the payment processing system, is eye balling ball parks and have given concession stands their terminals to utilize. More specifically, Nats stadium. Good play on their end, concessions at sports stadiums are pricey, and Square will always take a small chunk of that sale, multiply it by the amount of games, and it’s great cash flow.

Cash app still exceeds the amount of downloads in comparison to Venmo and it only continues to grow. Analysts say that Cash apps card could bring Square $100 million, meanwhile, PayPal’s venmo continues to look for avenues to monetize.

Anyway, another stock that used to make me hella bands, but is now doo doo.

square stock.PNG


Good yield, we’re pushing about $109 in dividends, fingers crossed this number gets bigger over time. Still having trouble hitting a monthly $10, slowly but surely. A bigger jump for July and October. As time goes by, the dividends for 2020 should be more accurate.



Up MASSIVELY, I’m starting to run our of chart. Up 25%

Portfolio ytd.PNG

Portfolio versus S&P YTD

And of course, the S&P versus me, with me being the green (just fyi) and blue being the S&P that is up 17%

portfolio versus S&P ytd.PNG

*NEW* Portfolio since investing

I’ve decided to add a new segment to make this series REMOTELY interesting, this is how I’ve compared to the S&P since investing for my first time ever. Data provided by Personal Finance.

You Index: 81.0%

S&P: 26.6%

I’m hard just writing that down, I’ll see you next month :)