5 Stocks I'm holding in June

Another month has finally gone by, our markets were trucked by economic and political tensions in Italy, sprinkled with some more trade war booshit... AND WOW HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU! We finally exited out of Coke. Not really, I'm still holding like 2 or 3 shares since the dividend is nice, but I felt that with the money (both sold at a profit and loss) could be allocated into different stocks that could have better gains, maybe a larger dividend? but has a lot more room for growth as a company. It never really hit me until now, The Coca-Cola company is so large and international that at this point, what can it do to get any bigger? (aside from acquiring Monster energy) but it can't make really large acquisitions without being questioned if Coke is a monopoly. 

Check out my live portfolio here to see my monthly dividends, the value of my account, and companies I am invested in.

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BUT DESPITE THE MARKET PULLING SOMETHING LIKE 0 - 1% YTD THERE HAS BEEN NO BETTER TIME TO INVEST THAN YESTERDAY. Even when this damn world is about to collapse and end, continue investing. Why? Cause American business will always go nowhere BUT UP, sure there are pullbacks, articles that have the most pessimistic news, but American businesses will remain resilient, and not owning a small (JUST A SMALL) piece of it is a HUGE mistake.

Lastly, forget showcasing just 4 stocks, let's do 5, since all I ever talk about is Visa, Apple, American Express, and Cintas and it gets boring... like we get it, I love a uniform rental company, a consumer tech company, and two credit card companies... what's new? Nothing. Besides, the fifth stock should always change every month since I always place money into the same stocks I'm holding that are not the top 4.

Last month, May 2018

Cintas, American Express, Visa, and Apple. And for the sake of throwing in the fifth stock to slowly get in the habit of showcasing it in the series (even though it wasn't showcased last month) was Coke. 


Congrats to Cintas for recently being listed in the fortune 500 at #500. It surpassed $5 billion in annual revenue and claimed it’s spot on the list. 

Cintas in May.PNG

American Express

American Express is slowly inching towards being the second largest credit card processing company, passing Mastercard. Visa remains to be the undisputed champ by owning almost 50% market share. Meanwhile, both Amex and Mastercard own 20%, leaving Discover with 10%. That is soon to change as Amex slashed its merchant fees, and is being utilized in larger volumes. 

Amex chart May.PNG


Visa is always getting involved in fintech one way or another, either by purchasing or working with companies that can aid Visas overall business model or any goals it might have, or just remain competitive. Recently it made a deal with YellowPepper, a mobile payment app used in Latin America. Its goal is to gain market share, which has not been underpenetrated by other companies, hence Latin America has not been utilizing mobile payment. It might seem risky, Visa sees it as an opportunity to dominate Latin America. 

Visa chart May.PNG


The first company to hit a $1 trillion market cap? I agree

Apple chart in May.PNG

Extra Space Storage

Our first REIT The Compounding Dollar placed any cash in. Why? While Extra Space Storage is the second largest self-storage company in market share and revenue, I have faith that it has plenty of growth left and could be #1 in market share and revenue. They have a phenomenal balance sheet and good financials, as well as a hefty dividend. 

Extra storage space chart for May.PNG


Well well well, we see a significant decrease in my dividends since we exited out of our Coke position. A decrease in July, October, and April. However, there was a huge increase in December, November, September, June, and March. 

new dividends.PNG

Portfolio YTD

The portfolio is up by ~3.4% Year To Date

Portfolio YTD May 2018.PNG

Portfolio versus S&P YTD

In comparison to the S&P. 

Portfolio YTD May versus S&P.PNG