5 stocks I'm holding in April

April fools if you thought I came back to write an article (only kidding, I’m back, I need to get back on the blogging grind and figure out how to do this full time.)

THUS FAR THIS YEAR, it has been GREAT, like the S&P ended this quarter STRONG. It started off January with a HUGE take off, it slowed a bit in February, (not for me, in terms of returns, I did well both January and February) and it flat line in March.

BUT HEY, since we last left off, we have certainly been adding plenty of other companies onto the list, as well as sold off other companies. For starters, I bought shares in my companies stock.


UBSI stock.PNG

To be fair, I only purchased for the dividend, the payout ratio is about a 50%, a yield of about 3.75% or $1.36 per share, the companies profit margins are 30%, their revenue and their net profits go up year over  year. The share price really does not reflect the performance of the company, since their last high was about $46 in the beginning of January of 2017 and has since been falling, flat lined for the start of 2018, fell during the correction, but has bounce back since the beginning of this year.

The next stock I purchased was BofA (deez nuts) no particular reason, I just seriously wanted another bank stock and Bank of America was there and impressed me when I looked at their annual report. I started to sneak in some money when it fell with the rest of the bank stocks back in December hitting 52 week lows.

ytd bank of america.PNG

Now for some selling news, I sold all of Berkshire Hathaway and Monster beverage. Why? Because, I’m tired of holding them and feel that I can allocate that cash elsewhere. But enough waffling… time to get to the stocks I now hold.

The last time I made an article

We held these fine pieces of company last time I released an article.

  1. Visa

  2. Cintas

  3. Apple

  4. American Express

  5. Monster

I’m kinda upset since the last time you read this series NOTHING has changed one bit. Like you would think after almost 3 months, my positions would change. One day I might just sell all of my Amex just for the sake of keeping this series remotely interesting.


I TIP MY HAT TO THIS PIECE OF ART WORK MAN. It’s no wonder it makes up for 20% of my whole portfolio.

But I saw some news that made me want to throw hands. Kroger announced that it will no longer accept Visa credit cards after April 3rd. The nearest Kroger store is like 5 - 8 miles away, and you best believe we aren’t shopping there anymore. Not that I ever did, but I’ll be sure to tell all my friends and family who do shop there to stop shopping there. Reason to stop accepting Visa cards? Excessive fees. Bro, I understand if you say that about Amex cards, but Visa? Really? Their fees are DIRT cheap. It’s stupid to ban a card that is used by 50% of the market. Keep in mind that Visa takes a slight “L” in this case since Kroger is the second largest grocer in the U.S however, Kroger takes the fattest “L” of them all since less people are using cash and a lot of folks carry Visa cards. Kroger stock will lose big league in all honesty.

Kroger stock.PNG

There are rumors, however, that Visa intends to hike their transaction fees next month, PUSHING closer to the swipe fees American Express charges. It has gone to the point where retail stores (aside from Kroger) tell Visa to ease up on the transaction/swipe fees.

Visa since purchase.PNG


Ah, this stock also makes up a mighty 20% of my portfolio. Fortunately it doesn’t find itself in any trouble or crossfire with any company where they complain about Cintas price for their products and services.  

No interesting news happening with Cintas, they’re just chilling and minding their own business.

Cintas since day of purchase another pic.PNG


Apple held an event and showcased a WHOLE bunch of services and products such as news+, their own credit card (which is from Mastercard btw), TV+, and their 2nd generation of Airpods. All I got from that was that Apple has many avenues of making A LOT of revenue in the following years.  

Apple since purchase.PNG

American Express

Nothing interesting on behalf this financial company. Amex renewed their partnership with Delta airlines or the Delta SkyMiles credit card until 2029.

amex since purchase.PNG

Monster beverage

So we sold out of our position, yeah? But prior to me selling, Monster has been reporting good numbers, however, the stock price has not reflect well on this. except when it had a almost 10% rally, slowly to be sold off. Why? Analyst are just beating this stock up in regards to their stance on the company.

Coke is giving Monster a headache considering that they plan on releasing their own energy drink brand next month in the European markets. In a previous article, I’ve mentioned that it goes against the agreement made between Monster and Coke back in 2017 when Coke purchased 15% of the company.

monster since purchase.PNG


Dividends have exceeded $100 per year, and we can start seeing 2020 dividends in the horizon. I’m not feeling too confident that I’ll make $10 per year in dividends by next year however since there is not that many companies that pay dividends on April, July, and October? It’s an awkward month to receive a dividend those months.


Portfolio YTD

Up massively, almost 19%

YTD for me.PNG

Portfolio versus S&P YTD

As always, green is me and blue is the S&P.