Addressing the Bitconnect scam

*Quick note before you do begin listening, be sure to raise your volume on your speakers or headphones as the recording came out as if I was whispering into the microphone.*

Recently, a company by the name of Bitconnect, a platform who offers investors a way to invest and trade their own cryptocurrency as well as Bitcoin, halted all cryptocurrency trading and without warning, shut down their operations, causing a massive sell-off of their own currency from a high of $332 to just a couple dollars in a single day. $BCC is currently trading at $35 as I'm writing this. Here are my thoughts on this mess.

Visual on how the lending program worked. I forgot to add this to the podcast, but the money you invest in is locked, and depending on the amount of your initial investment, you see your capital in 120 days or more, totally not suspicious at all.

Bitconnect returns.PNG

Visual on their affiliate program (it's beginning to look like a pyramid scheme)

Bitconnect affiliate.PNG