Why I created the compounding dollar

I could simply redirect you to my about page, go back to watching Big Mouth on Netflix (it's so bad, yet, it's good?) and call it a day. But there is no fun in that. I could also direct you to my very first introductory post, but that still wouldn't be any fun (I'm practically embarrassing myself by showing you something I wrote 3 months ago. As a writer, your writing format/style changes drastically in that short time span.) I'll go in depth and talk about the purpose of The Compounding Dollar as well as the future vision I see for it. 

Investing and personal finance are boring, I'm here to spice it up AND to make you wealthy

Asides from owning a site and bragging about it to everyone I know (I don't, actually, I'd probably get laughed at if I did.) I know that there isn't anyone in this world who doesn't desire to be wealthy. By wealthy, I mean the freedom it brings you, not the materialistic things you can buy with it. Your million dollar mansion is cool, but did you buy it to make up for your crippling marriage? (This took a very dark turn, back to what we were talking about) The freedom of living a stress-free life where you don't worry about how you're going to pay your next bill, where your next meal is coming from, how you'll pay for your child's tuition, and so forth. The vacations you can take whenever you'd like, without needing to consult with your boss beforehand asking him or her for a week off, and paying it with no concern. Maybe place a large sum of your wealth into a foundation or charity that can help out others. Anything you're passionate about. THAT TYPE OF WEALTHY. How fucking cool is that? I'd like to get you there, granted, this will take A LOT of time, but it's possible, it's oh so possible. Now, why should a reader, like yourself, listen or even remotely pay close attention to what I say? Well, for starters, I place PLENTY of research time into these articles just to ASSURE that the information you receive is 100% accurate. If it's an op-ed, like about 90% of my work, then I give my reasoning, while also welcoming opposing opinions or different ideas. It's all what finance is really, it's just a matter of what opinion makes the most sense and what is appropriate for your financial goals. I've been educating myself on the subject for 2 years now (probably time I should have used to focus on school rather than reading Broke Millennial by Erin Lowry. Nonetheless, I will continue educating myself the same way I have been; reading, watching and hearing entrepreneurs and investors who teach/discuss about finance, business, etc. and having hands-on experiences) and have now decided to bestow my wisdom upon Y'all as well as document my experiences, failures, upbringings, successes and trials. I certainly do not believe that I am a "know it all" either. I'll stay in my lane and circle of competence and admit what I don't know and certainly won't pretend that I do know everything. I want to be the unique finance guru that hands you the advice you want to hear, not the same regurgitated mambo jumbo that brings no value to your finances. I want to be the key to your financial success! 


On a more personal note, a majority of my peers aren't really into the personal finance scene (yet) and don't worry as much about investing, budgeting, and banking as I do (yet.) I say "yet" since, at some point, my peers are going to want to retire, have run into a bit of a financial problem, would like to start taking investing seriously or get out of debt around their 30's or 40's, in which case, they'll look for a solution. That is when they'll snap their fingers and say "oh yeah... my loser of a classmate Jimmy wasted MAJORITY of his 20's writing this really shitty blog, let's go visit it." I got sidetracked here, but I can see that happening. In which case, HELLO peer of mine, I'm glad you've decided to use my blog as a resource 20 years later, make yourself comfortable :) anyway... It's REALLY hard for me to connect with folks my age when it seems as if I'm talking to them in a WHOLE new language. So, what better way to discuss something I enjoy than creating a website dedicated to this! This site has opened the doors for me to meet a few peers my age who I can talk to for hours on such subjects. As well as much older folks.

Business venture

Soon, I'd like to release an eBook on personal finance, as well as an e-course. (I guess the rumors are true.) That is until I think I've received the necessary credentials to be taken seriously as a blogger/teacher. Later in the future, I could sell any potential merchandise. As of now, I just write free (and hopefully valuable) content (which won't stop until I run out of things to talk about, which I doubt would happen) I am a firm believer of showing plenty of value first and in return, you'll get value back. Either in the form of attention or an actual check. Both are phenomenal return on investments.