What Chipotle has done to my wallet (and other stuff I shouldn’t be buying but I’m too hooked)

Ah, Chipotle, what a delicious Mexican grill, it’s on a different level compared to fast food, but isn’t exactly fine dining. While Chipotle has it’s occasional (it’s like once a year, someone gets sick from eating at their locations) illnesses caused by poor food handling or an employee working while they’re ill and its stock price drops drastically, I still love the good old restaurant.

So much so that it has placed a dent into my personal finances. And I’m not talking about being a shareholder in the company, that damage has been already said and done the moment I bought 4 shares at $375something dollars back at the beginning of the year. Now, it’s trading at a pathetic $305ish. BUT NEVERMIND THAT, I’m talking about how it has affected me as a consumer… You see, when I was in high school, I detested school lunch, and would ditch lunch period to go to Chipotle with some friends. (See mom and dad? I wasn’t out and smoking or anything, I was getting lunch, I was hungry.) This would happen about 3 times a week for the whole school year which is about 36 whole weeks. Granted, there were also times when I went out and bought Chipotle after school, for dinner, or while at work. So, the amount of money won’t entirely be accurate, plus, I always switched it up, I might get a steak burrito with guacamole, a chicken burrito with chips, a bowl with half steak and half chicken, so the prices all varied.

So, what do I do? I visit my OLD transactions and see this BEHEMOTH amount of money spent over time.

Chipotle transactions, I only calculate the amount of money spent year to date

Chipotle transactions, I only calculate the amount of money spent year to date

Granted, I also used cash to pay for some of my meals and sadly all transactions weren’t recorded on my bank account :( but to give you a grand total, so far, I have spent $382.43 on Chipotle on my debit card. Counting cash, this baby can exceed $475 in my opinion. Since, like I said earlier, I (have a problem) am a Chipotle fanatic.



Every morning I’d go to 7/11 to buy some coffee, a pastry, and a water bottle before I head to school or start my day. I was notorious for coming into class late as hell with a bag of 7/11 in my hand to the point where I had to bribe my teachers to not mark me absent or tardy with coffee. (Is that illegal? Like, can I be thrown into jail for saying such things? Can my teachers lose their jobs?) Also, I bought expensive and boujee water. Screw that deer park trash, it’s all about that FIJI! I was balling out my friends! But it also left a dent in my finances over time.

7/11 transactions, we count from the beginning of the school year since I don't go to 7/11 while school is out. 

7/11 transactions, we count from the beginning of the school year since I don't go to 7/11 while school is out. 

Grand total came to $342.93, but since it was dirt cheap to buy things at 7/11 I used cash as well, so maybe around $380 sounds about right. Also, can we discuss the transaction that cost me $41.99… like what the hell was I even buying that cost me $42 whole dollars? IT’S 7/11 FOR GOODNESS SAKE. It wasn’t one of those 7/11 stores where they had gas pumps since I wasn’t driving back then (still aren’t, but that’s not the point.)

Barnes and Noble

This one isn’t too bad as the books I have purchased over time has given me back an ROI. Needless to say, they also placed a dent on my personal finances.

Barnes and Noble transactions.

Barnes and Noble transactions.

THIS ONE I DO KNOW THAT I SPENT EVERYTHING ON MY DEBIT CARD SINCE I NEVER CARRY BILLS HIGHER THAN $100. Excluding that one time, but it’s still not the case. Total came out to $794.53 but could easily reach $870ish. Now, if we’re talking about the total amount spent on books, it can reach the $1,000’s.

Here’s my snapshot of my (problems) little ways I spend money without thinking about the long-term pain. While it’s good to indulge yourself from time to time, just try not to foolishly do it daily how I did without a budget/plan. The money that I spent could have done VERY well in a low-cost index fund over time. Remember to always have a long-term mindset rather than short-term gratification that won’t mean anything hours later. And if you can't help it and have the urge to spend cash on a daily coffee (or burrito in my case) then place cash aside for those purchases.

Comment below how you have spent a lot of your cash