6 ways to make more money

Here is a quick guide to making some extra income on the side. The best part is, these ideas take little to no capital upfront, a few of these ideas can even make you money for years to come. Shall we begin?


If you're a talented writer, (or you're amazing at marketing and manage to sell a REALLY bad story) are creative or just know a lot on a subject you're really passionate about (*coughs* potentially and possibly hinting that Icouldbewritinganebookanditshouldcomeoutsoon *coughs*) then write about it and publish it through Amazon. Nowadays, authors no longer need a publisher or face rejection when you are trying to pitch, market and create a physical book when Amazon can do it for you. The only downside there is is that creating a book takes a lucrative amount of time, however, some ebook authors say its all worth, as they make money in their sleep and years into the future.

Social media and marketing management

Aw, take me back to when I used to do this just so that I could fuel my investing addiction. It's simple, approach a business, preferably a small one, and be sure that it doesn't have any social media pages. Offer them to post/upload/reply on their behalf, have them gain a following, and market/pitch their products and or services through the platforms. This, of course, will require you to do research and be knowledgeable about SEO, organic/paid reach, what's psychologically and visually eye-catching in posts or showcasing products. It's like this enormous trial and error science experiment. It sounds like a lot, so I'll help you out just a bit here. I used Sproutsocial and Hootsuite to manage all social media accounts from every business I worked with. I would plan out their posts for that whole week and every 4, 8, or 12 hours, I would check up on their accounts to reply to any comments or messages customers left. The beauty of this, it can all be done through your phone. 

Create online courses

If you're knowledgeable on a subject or poses a skill that not many folks know how to utilize, like cooking, playing an instrument, drawing, etc. you can film yourself teaching the skill or subject and uploading it on a platform. Preferably Teachable.com, you can charge your audience on a monthly basis or a one time fee. Again, this can all be done on your phone. 

Create Youtube videos

Again, if you're knowledgeable on a subject, are talented, or just have an overall cool personality and aren't entirely camera shy, then filming videos and uploading them to Youtube might be a great way to make income. The ads played on your videos should give you some spare change at the beginning, but as you grow your viewership, you can potentially rank in large bills through those ad rolls. Understand that, your previous videos will also earn you cash if someone revisits them.  AGAIN, it can be all done through your phone.

Rent out space or a room in your home

Granted, you need to own a home that has an empty room for you to rent out. AND IF YOU DO then we're off to a good start. I suggest you use Airbnb and become an Airbnb host/hostesses. This one is a bit lucrative as well as you'll have to attend and clean up after your guest and get ready for your next one. 

Your passion

This can be whatever you want it to be. Chase your dreams and cash out on them. CEO of a fortune 500 company? Build one, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and go public, become a Dow stock, dream big. Singer? Soundcloud is a way to get out there, in hopes of getting a record deal, reach for the stars. Athlete? Outwork your teammates and train hard, the sky's the limit. Clock in those long hours, work diligently and remain humble.