The Compounding Dollar by the numbers

Happy New Years Compounding Dollar fans, we had a phenomenal year in 2017, we discussed and brushed up on numerous subjects, from the basic/fundamentals to investing, discussing my reason on why I didn't go to college, disclosing the stocks I'm buying every month, here is a quick recap on how it went in 2017.


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Page views in 2017. December nose dove as the holiday season slows down traffic

Page views in 2017. December nose dove as the holiday season slows down traffic

I'd like to think we pushed good numbers considering the site was made in late July. 

Top 3 posts

#1: Why I decided to not go to college - I feel as if this post did numbers due to the controversy or the abnormality of a young teenager not going to college. It gives some insight as to why I figured I'm better off not going to college and focus building The Compounding Dollar while working as a Jiffy Lube techie. 

#2: 4 Guaranteed steps to becoming successful in life and in your industry - A happy, optimistic, and cheerful post. While it was short, it exposed this raw and hard-hitting side of me that has never really been exposed on this site. The advice given in the post can be valuable today, tomorrow, next month, next year, and the next few decades. 

#3: How do you invest in stocks - Possibly my most thorough and in-depth guide I've written to date. We not only go over finding a brokerage account, certain strategies you might want to consider, but as well as writing down goals in the sense of what you want to get out of investing, paying off debt before you invest, and budgeting so you sufficient amount of cash to still live, but just enough to invest.

2017 in a nutshell

There we go! 2017 in a nutshell, I hope to continue creating amazing content going into the new year, something meaningful and valuable for Y'all to take to the grave. 

Out of the top three posts, what was your favorite? Do you think another post should have been on that list, if so, which one?