Stocks to look out for in September 2017

Wannabe Apple logo

Wannabe Apple logo

Apple (NASDAQ: $AAPL) Bull approach

The overwhelming large technology company that has roughly $260 billion in cash laying around (that could be at some point given back to its shareholders in some REALLY massive dividends) is days away from their product launch event. During the event, it is said that Apple will showcase their latest iPhone (currently nicknamed the iPhone 8)

 and will sell for a whopping $1,000. While investors believe that the price tag of $1,000 is awfully way too much and not within the reach of people's budget to afford, (at this point, a luxury) something that is bound to hurt Apple's quarterly sales. Me? I AM SO OPTIMISTIC OF Apple's really strong brand name that regardless of what price Apple sets their new iPhone at, consumers will always find a reason (or excuse) to buy the latest phone. A survey, conducted by Insurance2Go before the release of the iPhone 7, asked 1000 iPhone owners if they would purchase the iPhone 7 on launch date OR upgrade at some point in the year. Nearly 50% of interviewees said, "yes, they are bound to upgrade either on launch date or later in the year." If you can't afford it, Apple or your phone provider has some special financing options for you to pay off your phone on a monthly basis. While the hype is mostly revolving around the 10th anniversary iPhone, it is also rumored that Apple will release their iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. However, like I said, it hasn't received much news coverage per se. Nonetheless, we still think that this baby will fly at least 1 - 1.5% in the month of September.

Exxon Mobil (NYSE: $XOM) Bear approach

One of the largest publicly traded gas and oil companies has recently amped up their prices in gasoline due to tropical storm/hurricane Harvey. Why? Their major/largest refineries were forced to shut down due to the storm. The refineries made about 19% of their oil production world wide, with such production being halted, the corporation has no other choice but to raise their prices in correlation with the lack of supply. Exxon is certainly also in no position to take such a hard hit on their sales either. As for the past two quarters, they have failed to beat EPS estimates which have caused a plunge of 15% YTD in their stock price. The refineries that aren't close to the gulf or near where the hurricane hit are bound to be safe havens for gas consumers, as prices will remain relatively cheap and shareholders, as Exxon consumers will reach out to other publicly traded gas and oil companies, causing for those companies to have a phenomenal quarter. Exxon is bound to fall about ~ -1.5 - -2% in the month of Septmber.