Stocks to look at in December

Last month

Let's view the performance of last month's stocks.

Snapchat (NYSE: SNAP)

So, quick breakdown as to what happened so far this month for Snapchat. Snap reported earnings and missed a lot of analysts estimates by large margins causing them to slice their price targets for Snap. Once Snapchat stock price fell by almost 14%, Tencent Holdings, a Chinese tech company, purchased 12% of the company, an almost $2 billion investment. Why? I believe that the tech company wants to diversify into U.S tech. It's also rumored that they are creating a game for Snap? Let's hope that isn't the case. Evan Spiegel announced that it plans to redesign Snapchat, which concerns me since the majority of users are already accustomed to how Snapchat functions and looks, humans aren't exactly the best to accept new ways to utilize a platform that easily and quickly. Evan thinks that it will potentially attract new users onto the platform. 

Walt Disney's ESPN created a two-year long contract to have SportsCenter show listed on Snap. Conan O'Brien launched a show called "Team Coco's comedy club" another two-year long contract. 

Snap's stock price in November

Snap's stock price in November


Okay, GoPro also had a rough November, they failed to beat estimates, but overall still reported phenomenal numbers. They released their 360-degree camera. As I see it, their 360-camera product will be their "make it or break it" for GoPro. In other words, if Hero 6 does not place net profits onto their balance sheet, then this 360-camera will. 

GoPro stock in November.PNG

Fitbit (NYSE: FIT)

Fitbit had a good November, they reported earnings, and beat a few estimates, the company also reported a smaller loss than expected. The Ionic Smartwatch is their "make it or break it" when it comes to potentially being profitable. So far, the smartwatch accounts for 50% of smartwatch purchases made on Amazon, which is a very good signal for Fitbit. Fitbit also admits that the upcoming month (the holiday season) will be very promising.

Fitbit stock.PNG

Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI)  

I kept an eye on Activision as they were releasing the latest Call of Duty in November. Analysts saw the release of the game as a huge success for Activision. The company ran into some legal troubles as Humvee, a military vehicle brand, is suing Activision for using their trademark in their games. Other than that, I would think Activision had a good month of November, it's not entirely reflected on their stock price. 

Activision stock.PNG

Stocks to look at in December  

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) 

Amazon is back on the hot seat. The company mentioned it had phenomenal sales during Cyber Monday. We'll see come the day of when they report their 4th quarter earnings. 

Chipotle  (NYSE: CMG)

Chipotle recently had a quick rally, as there are rumors on current CEO Steve Ells taking a knee and having someone else to take over. Something that Chipotle shareholders have been begging for quite awhile, but will it save itself from its rough two years it's had after numerous illnesses. Ells believes that by stepping down as CEO and remain as a chairman of the company, they can avoid any trouble in the future. 

Chipotle stock.PNG

Macy's (NYSE: M) 

Speaking of new CEO, Macy's is also looking for new guidance from their new Jeffrey Gennette that took over the company around March of this year going into 2018. I want to listen in on their plan. Another reason why I'm paying close attention to Macy's is due to the increased foot traffic in malls and other retail departments for the holiday season.