New Year's resolution for The Compounding Dollar

As we conclude 2017 and enter 2018, there are a few goals/changes I want to make going into the new year for The Compounding Dollar. The changes will benefit greatly my readers. The changes will also go into effect the following days since I can't force myself to wait until the new year (its practically procrastination if you ask me) and why wait? Why not start NOW! Anyway... here is the list: (also, we're dropping numbers as milestones or goals, I'm not looking to hit a million page views, but rather things that will improve my blog and the experience for my audience) 

Graph of my pageviews the moment I created The Compounding Dollar

Graph of my pageviews the moment I created The Compounding Dollar

Increase and add more images

Some of my blog posts are straight up text. I'm trying to add quality images to help my readers visualize what I'm talking about and not make my posts entirely boring. So, I'll focus my attention on thumbnails and the images in my actual article. 

Making posts shorter or breaking them down

Most of my blog posts aren't broken down into paragraphs, but rather contain a large chunk of text, with no image, and it goes onto the next large paragraph. I'll make my article lengths long or short, just as long as I get my point across, and if it is long, I'll focus on chunking it down in order for the article to be easily digestible. 


As I'm looking at my blog page, I realize I have weak excerpts that don't grab your attention. I'll focus on making excerpts that are attention-grabbing and add a bit more detail on what you're about to read/learn about. 


If you know me in real life or if you ever had a single conversation, you would know that I swear like a sailor. I distanced myself from any swear words in my articles from the start, in attempts to keep this blog PG, but it created a false image of who I REALLY am. It's only recently that I started to swear in a few of my articles. Safe to say I can proceed with the use of this language. 

We're entering the podcasting spectrum

The moment I complete Pete from Do You Even Blog's email course on podcasting (which is so far useful and resourceful if you wish to learn a thing or two about podcasting) you best believe I'll begin creating podcasting content. Speaking of content...

This handsome young man over here... go to his site and show him some love 

This handsome young man over here... go to his site and show him some love 

Upload schedule 

There is no consistency of when I upload, I just upload whenever I want, this is coming to an end. The blog uploads will be Monday and Friday at 7 A.M with a podcast on a Saturday at the same time. I might post something in between, but the banger of blog posts will be on Monday and Friday.

We got a calander going on

We got a calander going on


The Compounding Dollar is a brand, however, it contains a weak logo, no backbone, and that cannot roll with me. We'll strengthen our brand in attempts to be the first logo they think of whenever someone says (or thinks) "best investing blog of the decade" or "cute blogger of the century" whichever comes first. 


I'm shy in real life and I'm shy on the internet. I need to break out of my bubble and start hitting up bloggers to collaborate on working on a post. 

2018 will be...  

2017 (or at least the last quarter of 2017) has been a terrific year for The Compounding Dollar and I expect for 2018 to be far better as far as growth in views, traffic, and working amongst other bloggers.