Ebay side hustle/charity update

HI! I'm excited to update you guys on the side hustle, the last time you saw the first ever post on the eBay side hustle/charity was almost a month ago. We've made FLAT progress, I feel as if I could do far better if I placed at least 4 hours a week on this little side hustle I got going on. Alas, my schedule is super tight. 

Quick announcement

We had our two winners from last posts giveaway, the winners wanted to remain anonymous. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this giveaway and give back to my readers. I will certainly do more in the near future. Now onto the post. 

Last month


Ebay screenshot.PNG

The first month we were off to a great start, about $103 in revenues. 

This month


Ebay month 2 screenshot.PNG

An increase of $18 in revenue, I'll take it, anything to get closer to our goal. However, if I want to reach $1,000 before the end of the year, I need to pick up the pace a bit. Also, the revenue does not matter, what does matter is the total net income on my PayPal balance. 

Paypal balance.PNG

Ahhh, so I might have been tapping a bit into the balance just a bit to purchase a few items at a discount and flip it on eBay. (Or pay off my credit card bills) Nonetheless, we're reaching our goal, we're handing it to charity, and the rest will go towards my brokerage account, the readers, improving the site, and other charities. 

What charity am I donating to?

As far as the charity I am donating to, I really could not choose JUST one from the list of recommendations a few individuals handed me. They all have good mission statements/goals and dammit do I wish to give everything I own to them. So I've decided to split the $1,000 amongst the list of charities. 

I shall see you guys next month ;)