Dow, S&P, and NASDAQ fall today amid tax reform delay.

If you're like me or any other investor in the world that buys U.S securities, you most likely had your ass kicked in the markets today. Reason being: Investors were told that our much-anticipated tax reform won't reach the rates we were promised until 2019. *mockingly says* oh boo hoo. 

McDonald's (MCD) and Boeing (BA)

The golden arches fast food chain and the plane, satellite, and rocket manufacturing company were the Dow's biggest losers today. Down by almost ~2%

Mcdonalds and Boeing.PNG

The Nasdaq

The technology sector was, as always, the biggest loser when it comes to "panics." 

Try to make out what's going on here

Try to make out what's going on here

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google were down ~1.25% around noon, Netflix was down by 2.5%,  Nvidia, the biggest loser was down 3%. 


It's cool to see that a prediction I made concerning about a market correction was inevitable if we didn't pass tax reform or tweaked it and didn't satisfy investors. Does it matter in the short term? Yes. Does it matter in the long term? No. Will this sell-off continue? Maybe. If so, now is your chance to buy phenomenal companies at a cheaper share price if we continue seeing a drop just how we had today. Because at the end of the day, U.S markets can get their ass kicked like in 2008, 2001, and during the great depression, but it will always manage to rise and make large comebacks. 

Read here on how I had a hunch about the correction.