#Boycott The Compounding Dollar

I see an increasingly number of idiots who are out boycotting a certain company via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or the Internet. Mostly due to their affiliation towards a certain individual or a group of people. It’s really ridiculous to what extremes people go to as they decide they will no longer purchase a certain product or service from the said brand. Cut it out of their lives cold turkey for reasons that are more so “this company went against my political beliefs, so therefore, I should not support it.” Granted, there are times when a company should be boycotted and for the right reasons; for example, the Equifax breach, where private information of millions of people who utilize the service became leaked, majority of their board of directors sold their shares prior to the news going public while being aware that the breach happened. Where were my #BoycottEquifax people at?

Nowhere to be found, but let’s boycott Nike, shall we? God forbid that Nike gives Kaepernick, a controversial individual for kneeling during the national anthem, a campaign ad. Despite the man not doing ANYTHING wrong and peacefully protesting to bring attention towards the issue and discrimination of African Americans. Let’s show Nike that we will no longer do business with them by burning their apparel that we already bought (as well as accidentally burn themselves in the process.)  


Alright, if you’ve been living under a rock, allow me to summarize what has happened in the past few weeks.

Nike releases their “Just Do It” campaign and decides to have Colin Kaepernick as the face of their campaign.

Colin was a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, who kneeled during the national anthem to protest against police brutality and other social issues African Americans face. Some conservatives found the kneeling disrespectful on behalf of Kap to pull.

Upon seeing the campaign, the (most likely) same group of conservatives were infuriated, in response to the ad; they recorded burning their Nike apparel and made it clear they will no longer do business with Nike.


How moronic does someone have to be to stop purchasing from a company only because they used a man for their campaign who protests on racial problems African Americans face? Nike is so big, you can’t evade any of their brands that they own: Jordon, Converse, and Hurley. Try not buying from Nike if you can.

Statements from the Boycotters  

“Your sales will decline.” 

False, Nike has mentioned that e-commerce sales have gone up by 31% since the campaign. While it is a short-term bump in sales, we won’t know if this ad was good until their annual report comes out and showcases an increase in online sales. In the long-run, younger consumers the folks who are for Kaepernick and support his kneeling during the anthem, will recall this campaign for the many years to come and will gravitate towards the Nike brand.  

“Nike lost billions of dollars” (in market cap)

While yes, the stock was down almost 3% trading day, the day the campaign came out, I have to remind everyone that stock prices fluctuate up and down everyday. Ultimately, Nike’s share price will only shoot upwards since the overall macro economy is good. It is a Dow 30 component, one of the thirty largest and most established companies in the U.S. This company won’t suddenly go belly up (unless you’re Lehman brothers on a September weekend.)

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 12.55.36 AM.png


Hold up, you thought I was just going to go after conservatives and call them out on their weak boycotts? Nah, think again, it’s the liberals turn to get a lesson.

A filing was made from In-N-Out that showcased them donating $25,000 to the GOP party of California. The head of the California Democratic party, Eric Bauman, told everyone to boycott the fast food chain via Twitter. The sheep liberals who strongly dislike conservatives went ahead and expressed their boycott, making claims they will no longer eat at In-N-Out. Bauman later said that he isn’t entirely happy with In-N-Out giving the donation to the GOP, but he isn’t calling for an actual boycott (funny how salty we can get when money isn’t supporting your own party.) In-N-Out has donated larger portions of their revenues to the Democrats upon further digging on their filings. Props for the democrats for not burning their cheeseburgers.

Bauman (and every person in power) needs to be wary of what s/he says as a politician who has the attention of millions of U.S citizens. Otherwise, we could be in anarchy.

Again, how moronic for you to suddenly just stop purchasing food only because they made a donation to a political party. It wasn’t because the food was bad, made you ill, or the service/experience was bad. It’s because a small donation was made towards a party that you don’t agree with. Boycott the company when they decide to donate money to ISIS.

Mind you, plenty of companies have made donations towards any political party but I certainly don’t see many liberals or Bauman calling them out on their donations or stating that they will no longer do business with them. Furthermore, there are plenty of other companies located and based in California, specifically in Silicon Valley, where they have donated their money to the GOP. Where is their #Boycott?  

California Based Companies’ Donations

Here are a list of companies located in California that have donated to the GOP (far larger than $25,000) but have never been called out by Bauman or any other Democrat for a cute boycott.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 8.13.18 PM.png

Needless to say, those donations amount greater than In-N-Out’s donation, but no Democrat would dare to stop banking with Wells Fargo or Charles Schwab. Stop watching cable TV by cutting off their Dish Network. Cut off their internet router by stop using Cisco. Uninstall Facebook on their Apple device and never use their iPhone ever again.

Boycott companies for appropriate reasons 

Both sides of the spectrum have their ideals too far up their ass. This political environment has become too toxic for any company to affiliate themselves with any party if the turnout will be this drastic. They need to let businesses be and have them donate to whoever they like to donate their money to. Let companies run their campaign ads however they want to run them. Let business run just as usual.