Behind the scenes of The Compounding Dollar

I decided to take a quick break from finance and all this money talk for today and show you guys what goes on behind the scenes and how I go about creating my blogs. 

The web host and domain

Believe it or not, The Compounding Dollar used to be a social media/marketing website I created, later turned into what it is today. I choose Squarespace to be my web host as it was business friendly (it was) I later figured I no longer wanted to manage social media accounts, create and maintain websites, and advertise for business owners, so I moved onto my next project. The Compounding Dollar. I found out that Squarespace had a blogging portion you can add on your pages, so I figured, why not? I'll give it a try. So far so good, I have absolutley no complaints about it at all. 

Squarespace homepage

Squarespace homepage

The domain comes from no other place than GoDaddy. ($GDDY) While I don't like GoDaddy as a publicly traded company, I certainly like the domain registration business they provide. 

GoDaddy homepage

GoDaddy homepage

Apps and organization  

As I mentioned above, I also use my phone to blog. Squarespace offers an app specifically for blogging. 


Of course, I also schedule my posts since I'm "so organized"


If not my phone, then I use my desktop that has served me well these past years for numerous projects. 


I must must must MUST do research before I upload anything. If I talk about a company, an investing strategy, showcasing another bloggers article, anything on personal finance, I always do my research. I have the numerous books on my bookshelf as references, other trustworthy sites, and I always look for different people's opinion on the matter. But research is essential for The Compound Dollar to give you the best information availabe.