A personal finance Thanksgiving

Financial and blogging tools/opportunities I’m (and hopefully, other PF bloggers are) thankful for :)

1: This year's CRAZY double-digit stock market returns.

While this PHENOMENAL market gain is just a HUGE tease of all the “earnings,” just ready to drop when the correction happens (let it drop already) we’re still pretty satisfied with how our 401(K)’s ROTH/SEP IRA’s, and brokerage accounts have performed this past year (and literally every year after 2009.)

The S&P 500 has climbed 16% YTD

The S&P 500 has climbed 16% YTD

2: Fincon

While I wasn’t there in person I sure as hell was there in spirit, I’ve heard/seen many bloggers, entrepreneurs, podcasters return home with valuable lessons/lectures that completely changed our way of thinking and creating content and the way we approach blogging and podcasting as a business. In order for us to provide better content for our audience. For that, I raise my glass (of apple cider) to the many folks who attended the event, the panelists who spoke at Fincon, and the many companies who sponsored this 4-day long event.

3: Rockstar finance

BLESS J. MONEY FOR PROVIDING US A PHENOMENAL SOURCE THAT IS HIGHLY RESPECTED BY EVERY BLOGGER AND FREELANCER AND PODCASTERS WHO EVER STEP FOOT ON THIS EARTH. It has made it possible for us to utilize tools/resources, meet and work amongst other bloggers, freelancers, writers, etc., have an overall sense of belonging and community, and supporting philanthropic causes.

4: Other bloggers

I don’t kid around when I say this, but the personal finance blogging and podcasting community is by far the most supportive and encouraging community you will ever be a part of. We thank bloggers of all sizes for sharing our content and create friendships amongst each other. I thank J from Budgets are sexy for getting me started in the blogging world, Josh Haste from Money Life Wax for being a cool cat and becoming one of the first blogging pals I made, the lovely ladies at Bitches get riches for handing me some insights, and Church from My mattress money for showcasing my work in the future. 

5: Lastly, our readers

Quite frankly, a blogger or podcaster, would not wake up every day with a smile across their face, ready to tackle their day, sit down, and create content if it weren’t for their amazing audience. The feedback and questions we receive, how the post made you feel, the donations you might hand to your favorite blogger to let him or her continue creating content, and motivating you to think and approach money so differently, for that, we are extremely thankful and super grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving :)

From every blogger