4 Guaranteed steps to becoming successful in life and in your industry

By Jimmy Fuentes  

This upload won't be the usual financial advice (sorta, we still discuss money) we hand out here, but rather me begging (on my knees) for my readers to realize there are so many opportunities around you that you must take advantage of. And they simply won't come if you don't place in the effort, if you waste a lot of your time, and especially if you complain. A few days ago, another fellow blogger sent me an email and was impressed by what I have accomplished and mentioned that I was ahead of my peers and had something going that was good for myself (okay, enough jerking myself off here) and I replied with something along the lines of "I know my peers are out doing amazing things now and will be doing phenomenal things later in the future." I hope I'm right and it becomes a reality. Because not only do I want to win in my sector, career, market, and/or area of expertise, but I also want for the folks in my age group to win as well. The folks who grew up with me, the folks my age +/- 5 - 15 years. I want them to have their fucking victories as well. But we must change our attitudes, how diligently we work, how we spend our time, and why we should stop caring what others say. 

Historically, this has worked out very well, since numerous respected leaders we look up to have all shared these 4 aspects that turned them into who they are today.

Stop wasting time 

In this century, it's hard to not get distracted by social media, your phone, notifications, overall just consuming content. Or finishing a long week and having the weekend off to do whatever the hell you please, to unwind. It's easier to say "yes" whenever your friends invite you out to eat or party than working an extra 10 - 20 hours. I get it, it's entertaining, it gives us a chance to kick back and relax, we feel less stressed out, and we pursue this short term gratification because it makes us feel good. But rather than going out with pals and getting "totally wasted" why don't we allocate our time into helping others? By volunteering and helping the helpless. Maybe you wanted to begin a side hustle and expand it to perhaps a fortune 500 company and one day, maybe one day, quit your job? Why don't we spend your weekends working on that, rather than wasting it watching Game of Thrones or looking for another series on Netflix? Maybe learn a useful skill set by picking up a book, attending a seminar, or going back to school. The short term "sacrifices" you make now CAN and WILL affect someone for the better, and will also help you in the long run. Moral is: don't waste your time on shit that doesn't matter, Game of thrones will still be around, your friends can go out for a beer another day, we can consume content on social media another day, I beg you to use your time wisely and not waste it, because as soon as today ends, you won't get that time back, there isn't a redo button. Don't waste something so precious you can't get back, the best asset in the world.

Netflix share price. Better to be an investor than a consumer. 

Netflix share price. Better to be an investor than a consumer. 

Don't complain 

If you're finding yourself saying "screw this" day in and day out, then quit whatever it is you're doing, it can be work, it can be school, a relationship that isn't working out, and walk a different path. Walk one that you think  would be beneficial for you and won't have you complain day in and day out. I just don't understand as to why you would waste any energy on bitching about something that is either meaningless or something you have the ability and full control to change. The market doesn't care if what you're doing is tiresome, if you're having a shit day, week, month, it doesn't care if you absolutely hate what you're doing. The market likes productivity and for you to make the switch from being whiny into someone that enjoys what they're doing and is being resourceful, a huge win in the books. 

Just work 

If you only work 40 hours a week, like every person in the workforce, don't expect to get a promotion, a raise, or advance far in your life. A 40 hour work week is average, if that's how many hours you work in a week, you'll yield just that, average results. IF you wish, desire, or want to get ahead, stand out from your competitors/competition, and be the best in your area of expertise, then work. Place in those extra 20 + hours a week and folks will start to admire and appreciate your efforts. The hard work will pay off. 

Stop caring about what others think 

If mommy or daddy want you to follow a career path that you don't want to take and would much rather follow your passion while potentially disappointing your parents. Then follow said passion and ignore your parents disappointment. Life is awfully too short for anyone to follow and obey what others believe is best for them, do you. If you're working on a project, creating a business, or decided to take this career path while your peers are actively talking trash or placing you in a position where they DON'T believe in you, where they don't want you to succeed or don't hand you any constructive criticism, then realize two things 

  1. They're not your friends  
  2. Stop giving a fuck about what they think


I don't mean to slave away your whole entire life, enjoy yourself as well,  go out from time to time, enjoy full days of doing absolutely nothing but watch Netflix, go out and get hammered (maybe just tipsy) because at the end of the day, life is too damn short for us to be focused on solely JUST working. Nonetheless, it's still a very high priority.