Ringing the bell at the NYSE, sight seeing in New York, meeting cool peeps, and more

I have recently been blessed and had the honor to attend an event over at the New York Stock Exchange. Joining the Inspire Investing group to ring the closing bell at the exchange. Thank you very much Inspire for this opportunity. Also, today it won't be your regular investing, personal finance, market-related, stock searching, business talking post but rather me just talking about what had happen. 


Along the way, I also met some phenomenal individuals who are a part of the Inspire group, as well as, cool personal finance bloggers. To name a few:

Church from My Mattress Money 
Physician on FIRE
Reid from Wealthrehab 
Olivia form Birds of a FIRE
Josh from Biglaw investor

On my first day in NY, I was fortunate enough to bump into, yes, bump into, classmates. Whoso happens to visit the city, thankfully they spent their last two days with little old me. My first sight was The Empire State Building. (Fun fact: I am petrified of heights) 


On the second day in NY, The Coca-Cola company $KO was handing out samples of their brand new diet Coke products over at the NYSE. Allow me to confess, as a Coke shareholder, I was fangirling over the fact that Coke execs were only a couple yards away from me. 


They're tasty, I recommend for anyone to give it a try. I'm not saying that as a shareholder, but as a consumer who enjoys good soda. 


The Brooklyn Bridge was my next sight to witness after drinking diet Coke. Crossing over the whole thing was exhausting that we ended up fetching a Lyft to get back to the hotel. I am not the most physically fit person you've met. Quite the opposite actually. 


Right afterward, I met up with the bloggers, cool folks, highly recommend their sites as they are all super informative, fun to read, and have plenty of value to provide to the readers. 

The next day, it was closing bell time. Sure enough, they fed us with snacks and a few soft drinks.


Annnnd check this beauty out... what the hell... had I known that I can have my name and website stamped on this cool ass name tag, I would have entered the exchange ages ago. 


It's cool and all, but imagine having your own publicly traded company on that tag, either being a part of the opening or closing bell ceremony. A boy can dream :)

Overall! New York! You've been an awesome city, it's so beautiful, I love you and all, but the DMV is home :)